Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Most Current Work ......

I am looking directly at perspective within buildings, bringing the viewer's eye to a single focus point. With the pieces below you can see the sense of speed and direction. I have enlarged the scale of my work from A3 to A1, this has created more powerful images. I have also experimented in drawing the whole image again on the same piece of paper, but shifted it a millimeter to the left. I have repeated this process three times. This increases the sense of speed and makes the image more blurred adding to the idea of movement. I first came up with this idea of movement and layering of images after a talker from a visiting artist called Clair Weetman, who recored the movement of people whilst overlaying the images. This has really inspired my own work. I am still using acetate to extend the image of the page, but would like to start experimenting in different material, such as tracing paper or graph paper.

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